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LV Induction Motors - EN 01/2019     Omega Motor


       The permissible vibration severities for electric motors are specified in standard IEC 60034-14. All motors from frame size 80 to 355
       already  meet  or  remain  below  the  limit  values  specified  for  vibration  severity  grade  A  (normal).  Vibration  severity  grade  A  is  the
       standard version and is valid up to a rated frequency of 60 Hz. Vibration severity grade B can be supplied on request (code B01). For
       converter operation with frequencies higher than 60 Hz, special balancing is required for compliance with the specified limit values.

       IEC 60034-14 recommends the following maximum vibration magnitude limits in terms of displacement, speed and acceleration for a
       frame size H:

                 Frame Size           80 ≤ H ≤ 132               132 < H ≤ 280                 H > 280
       Grade                 Displacement  Velocity  Acceleration  Displacement  Velocity  Acceleration  Displacement  Velocity  Acceleration
                             µm         mm/s   m/s       µm         mm/s   m/s      µm         mm/s   m/s
                 Free suspension   25     1,6     2,5        35      2,2      3,5       45       2,8      4,4
       A         Rigid mounting   21      1,3     2,0        29       1,8     2,8       37       2,3      3,6
                 Free suspension   11     0,7      1,1       18       1,1     1,7       29       1,8      2,8
       B         Rigid mounting   -        -       -         14      0,9      1,4       24       1,5      2,4

       Based on ISO 8821, the key convention "half key (H)" must be used for balancing. All rotors are balanced dynamically with an inserted
       half-key in place. Upon request, it is possible to perform balancing with or without  a full key (order code for full key balancing is B11,
       and without key is B12). Shaft fitments, such as couplings, pulleys, gears and fans must also be balanced likewise to prevent undue
       vibration and adverse effects on bearing life. A full feather is always inserted in the keyway on delivery.


      The insulation system applied in our motors ensures a high level of mechanical and electrical strength along with a very long motor life.
      The winding insulation is resistant against aggressive gasses, vapors, dust, oil and humid air. It helps the windings to withstand against
      vibration stress. This system accomplished by using mainly high grade enameled copper wires, insulating sheets, sleeves and solvent
      free impregnating epoxy resin.

      All standard range motors are of class F (155˚C) insulation with class B (80K) temperature rise which gives the product a 25˚C safety
      margin. This reserve of temperature  allows the motors to operate continuously at;

           Up to 15% above its rated outputs
           Up to 55˚C ambient temperature at rated outputs
           Up to 3000m asl altitude at rated outputs
      Furthermore, this temperature reserve permits the motor to withstand against greater voltage and frequency tolerances. The insulation
      life of the motor will extend if the safety margin is not utilized.

       Insulation                                                                  Insulation system in brief;
                                                                                     Maximum temperature: 155°C
                 Ambient Temp.         Temperature Rise               Hot
                                                                     Spot            Temperature rise: 80K
             H     40°C                125K                          15K
                                                                                     Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C
             F     40°C                105K                   10K                   Safety margin: 35°C
             B     40°C                80K            10K                      Maximum

                                                        130°C   155°C   180°C   Temperature

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